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Photo of da Silver babies: Luke, Mia, Luciel, and Theo. 
Lexi working off that pregnancy weight. I’m sure it won’t be long til she’s making more babies with her man. 

Lexi finally pops! (taken me about about a year or so…been playing WoW…and Skyrim. :B)…But we have TRIPLETS! One boy, two girls!

Theo, Mia, and Luciel Myers!

Pregnant Lexi teaching Luki how to walk.

Mother Jenova decides to go skinny dipping at Club Sephira. Lexi disaproves.

Miss Outta Control- Electrolightz

No wonder Lexi likes dancing to this song. Explains her perfectly.

Mother has an accident during our Feast Day. 

So Lexi gets invited to Kevin and Noel’s for a house party, and where does she go??? Upstairs into the play room to play with Shelly’s and Cody’s toys..-smh-

You know when Mother starts having the hots for one of her children’s honeys, shit’s gon’ hit the fan. 

It’s Mama Jenova!!!